Seven Tips to GIVE UP Anxiety

These 7 tips suggested by Barry McDonagh, former panic sufferer, mindfulness educator, and founder of the self-help site called “Panicaway” are worth a look.

“Sometimes the fastest healing with an anxiety problem happens when we learn to stop doing something rather than start doing something.  For example when we learn to stop resisting the anxious thoughts and feelings, we can dramatically reduce the intensity of the anxiety we feel.

Here are 7 things to GIVE UP in order to end anxiety.

  1. Give up your resistance to the anxious bodily sensations you feel.   (Allow them to be present through acceptance)
  2. Give up the thoughts that say ‘I can’t handle this’. (You can–your body can.)
  3. Give up thinking there is something mentally wrong with you. (Anxiety is the result of an over sensitized nervous system)
  4. Give up your need to micro-manage your body. (Your body is amazing -trust it to do its job)
  5. Give up being so hard on yourself.  (You are doing so well for dealing with this -you are truly brave)
  6. Give up seeing anxiety as a curse. (You will grow stronger as a result of this)
  7. Give up thinking your anxiety will last forever.  (It won’t)”

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