Self-Awareness: The most powerful predictor of success

Unlike school, where the emphasis was on learning the “what”, “why” and “how” of the world, the cornerstone of workplace success is about the “who.”  And by “who” we mean you and enhancing your self-awareness.  We should probably take a minute to explain why exactly self-awareness is the cornerstone of Handbook For Early Career Success and Connect For Success — both advertised as offering a ’competitive edge‘ in the workplace.

Self-awareness is the most powerful predictor of workplace success. Sounds good but what does it mean?  More powerful than how smart you are or how hard you work or how motivated you are or how much you know or how experienced you are?  Come on.  How is that possible?

Glad I asked myself. Let me tell you a story that might help explain.   This is the true story of perhaps the most acclaimed competitors and champions of all time.

We meet him early in his career.  Undersized and knobby-kneed, he behaved and performed more like a burnt-out has-been than a future legend. His attitude was every bit as problematic as his physical attributes. Given to overeating and sleeping all day, what this cranky and stubborn ‘ne’er do well’ produced as a competitor, was far outweighed by what it cost to keep him around.

All this changed when his path crossed with an equally enigmatic but very wise coach and talent scout who, in looking at this mess, saw a totally misunderstood champion.  He noticed that everything about his training program and environment was completely at odds with his nature. Because he did not fit the typical mold, style and pedigree of the other champions current and past, he was never really understood. This trainer, whose name was Tom Smith, talked his boss into buying out his contract for pennies ($8,000), and after carefully listening, observing and understanding, he created a training program that reflected a deep understanding of what made Seabiscuit tick.

And you know the rest of the story.  For those of you who don’t, Seabiscuit became on to be one of the most accomplished thoroughbreds in history.

All that said, this would be a great opportunity for you to enhance your self-awareness by taking the Connecting Style Survey.  To get a 12 page report of your results, select choice 3 on the first screen.  Let me know how it works!

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  • Melia - May 12, 2016

    My daughter who is now four years old was born missing three digits on her left hand. I can say my sweet little girl truly amazes me daily. My only concern is when she starts school. Any advice on how to deal with the upcoming school years and also the other children would be greatly apenhciated.Tpark You,Samantha (A very proud mother)

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