Connect for Success: In College and Career

…is comprised of the self-administering Connecting Style Survey and Handbook for Early Career Success. These resources can be incorporated into existing leadership, career preparation, and freshman orientation programs with the experiential Connect for Success workshop, or as individual components.

Rolled out seven years ago, Connect for Success: In College and Career have helped prepare thousands of students from high schools, colleges, technical schools, and graduate schools around the country to transition into and the make the most of their experiences in school and the workplace, just as they are.

Learning outcomes are directly applicable to the most common college transition challenges which turn out be almost identical to the qualities essential for early career success. Students gain a better understanding of:

  1. who they are as others see them by understanding their Connecting Style
  2. …the most common misconceptions others might have of them based on the initial impressions they make. and how to avoid .
  3. …people from other connecting styles, what is important to them, their preferences, strengths, and differences.
  4. how to move out of their “comfort zones” to connect with  roommates, professors, interviewers, friends and family across different styles.
  5. …the power of listening — as a universal connector and crucial lifelong success skill
  6. …the counterproductive impact of stress-driven behavior on each style and their relationships and how best to manage it
  7. ..the most common “de-railers” associated with college and early career, where each person’s vulnerabilities lie and how to avoid falling victim.
  8. how to stay grounded in the face of pressure to conform – in college and career, and
  9. …the importance of making choices informed by who they are and what really matters most in the long run
  10. …their hidden biases and the value that those who are most different can add because of those very differences.  In a global world, the shift from bias against to embracing of differences is a key to success.

Team Building Effect Students typically leave the workshop feeling  more confident, validated and connected to each other.

Incorporating Connecting Style Survey and Handbook for Early Career Success Into Existing Programs

Now fully online, the Connecting Style Survey and companion Handbook for Early Career Success can be made available to every student, faculty and alumni for a modest annual licensing fee. We provide detailed  instructions for methodically rolling these tools out to fully integrate into the existing program and optimize the benefits.  The online Connect for Success program was successfully piloted at Adelphi University in 2012 and renewed in 2013 as a required component of their freshman orientation experience.  Most clients, including the Adelphi staff would be happy to share their experiences and answer any questions.

The Workshop


The highly engaging experiential workshop is consistently among the most highly rated by undergraduate and graduate students alike. Over 95% strongly recommend the workshops to others. The workshop is typically tweaked to meet the needs of each of our clients and can range from 15 minutes to two hours. Your staff can be fairly quickly trained to facilitate the workshop, or we would be happy to lead it. Click the “video” icon on the left to see a 5 minute video clip of a freshman workshop.

Handbook for Early Career Success

The  Handbook for Early Career Success builds on the Connect Style Survey and provides information, advice and real life illustrations about dealing with challenges most common to this transition.

Parts One and Two build on the Connecting Style insights, and relationship building/communicating strategies students started to develop in the workshop.

Parts Three and Four focus on specific 21st Century success skills, equally applicable in college and the workplace, as well as specific guidance for a successful self-direct career from “day one.”

Track Record to Date

These learning outcomes have made Connect for Success especially beneficial to those in:

  1. Freshman orientation or college transition programs
  2. Student leadership training
  3. Workplace readiness programs and courses for upperclassman
  4. High School leadership and college readiness programs

Over 5,000 young men and women have been through our workshops.

Schools that have used and continue to use our workshops, or are currently scheduled for workshops this year include NYU-Stern Undergraduate (Freshman Seminar and School to Work Programs), NYU-Stern Executive MBA and MBA, University of Vermont (Business Savvy), Adelphi University (Freshman Orientation Experience), Molloy College (Freshman Seminar), Sarah Lawrence’s Human Genetics Counseling program, and Northwest Connecticut Community College.