Performance Management Solutions

Recent research points strongly to the importance of a “performance-based culture” to business success. But creating a climate in which performance expectations are clear, top talent remains challenged, and rewards are based on performance rather than power/politics is easier said than done. With our extensive background in Leadership and Organizational Development as well as Human Resources Management, LED is uniquely qualified in all areas of Performance Management, whether designing an entire system or improving the effectiveness of existing practices.

Consulting services in Performance Management include:

1. Design and implementation of competency models

As managers are increasingly challenged to “do more with less,” it has become critical to identify the skills, knowledge and attributes–collectively known as competencies–necessary to perform at peak levels. LED employs a proven methodology to pinpoint and articulate those competencies unique to a particular company, department and/or individual work group and tie them directly to both the organization’s goals and objectives and employee feedback and reward systems.

Our flexible approach enables us to either develop an entire model “from the ground up” or customize an existing corporate model for a specific job category and/or department.

2.  Coaching and training on effective performance management skills

Effective performance management consists of much more than filling out an evaluation form once or twice a year. Superior managers constantly hone their skills in providing employees with clear direction, ongoing feedback, and the tools to perform at optimal levels. LED provides individual and team coaching/training on all aspects of performance management including goal-setting, giving and receiving feedback, and handling sensitive and/or disciplinary situations.

3.  Communication and roll-out of performance management programs

When launching or revising a performance management program, ensuring that the appropriate messages are communicated during the rollout is as critical as the design of the program itself. LED can design a process to ensure consistent, effective communication and a smooth program implementation across all levels of the organization.