Handbook For Early Career Success

The Handbook for Early Career Success prepares you to manage your transition to the workplace with confidence, and flourish in the real world of personalities and organizational politics. This unique resource puts you in control of your future by teaching you:

  1. Who you are as others see you using powerful personality style surveys and tools immediately applicable to workplace challenges.
  2. How to effectively communicate, build relationships and maximize your impact all in a way that fits who you are.
  3. The rules for achieving a successful, satisfying and self-directed career from day one.

The Handbook For Early Career SuccessAcclaim for Handbook for Early Career Success

“… an excellent resource for young men and women entering the professional workforce. Lurie’s approach is straight forward and easy to integrate into a workable strategy that will help mitigate mistakes that can derail a new professional career.” Susan Greenbaum, Dean of Students, Stern School of Business Undergraduate College, New York University

“…a much needed practical guide that can make the difference between successfully launching a career or running into problems from the start. Lurie has made a major contribution with this text and has helped solve the problem of what to give to all soontobe or recent graduates.” Ed Betof, Ed.D., Senior Fellow/Academic Director, Executive Program in Workplace Learning Leadership, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

“…a virtual career GPS devise, helping people entering the workforce to navigate a strange and unfamiliar neighborhood – real life.” Bob Defillippo, Chief Communications Officer, Prudential Financial

“…it resonated tremendously with me. It was really valuable to understand my Connecting Style, and just as valuable to understand the styles of the people I work with.” Jeffrey Eisenberg, Advertising Programs Manager, Google

“I loved this. It’s excellent for early career – But great refresher for all regardless of career and years in career.” JoAnn Ryan, CEO, Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce

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