Empowered Job Search Strategies: Making Every Connection Count

Goal: Help you gain a competitive advantage in your job search by optimizing your communication and relationship building effectiveness.

Approach: The workshop increases self-awareness, sensitivity to different communication styles, and the rules and tools for effective communication, originally developed in my book, Connect for Success. Through group exercises you will discover your unique Connecting Style and how to leverage style awareness in your job search, job and in life.  The experience will leave you more sharply aware of the impact of your style on others, and strategies for connecting across style with those you normally find most challenging.  These insights and tools are applicable to all forms of communication including branding, networking, interviewing, negotiating and on-boarding in the new organization.

Learning outcomes: Based on feedback from the thousands of people who completed the workshop in the last 6 years, you are likely to benefit by:

  1. Increased communication style self-awareness: You will learn about the four different “Connecting Styles,” identify your own style, and apply these insights to engage, influence and get through to people across the full range of personality styles – including those who you find most difficult.
  2. Greater awareness of others’ styles and their communications preferences: You will learn how to quickly identify the Connecting Style of others so you can tailor your approach to connect more effectively.
  3. Learning the secrets to preventing and dealing with emotional overreaction.
  4. Learning how to get others to be open and receptive
  5. Learning how to manage those stress-induced emotions that can undermine your job search effectiveness

Who can benefit? Anyone interested in communicating more effectively in a job search whether you are a millennial looking for your first full time job, someone looking to change industries, a seasoned professional who has been laid off, or someone going back into the workplace after a number of years at home. The workshop can accommodate from 15 to 40 people.