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Mindfulness: What, How, and Why.

I have spent a great deal of time thinking and writing about mindfulness but I still have not found a more effective way of introducing mindfulness than sharing these engaging video introductions.

“Whats this Meditating Thing?” ,  Meditation and Letting Go, and Benefits of Meditation were written and narrated by Tibetan Monk Andy Puddicombe (no longer in robes).  Andy is cofounder of which offers an awesome 365 day online meditation series.

Teaching Mindfulness to Children At Home or in School, is aimed at children, but speaks to people of all ages.  It is short, simple, spot-on and plays out like a situation comedy explanation of mindfulness.

Hope you enjoy them.


“The Inside Story on Teen Girls” – Highly Recommended

I highly recommend The Inside Story on Teen Girls published by the American Psychological Association. This very useful, straightforward and trustworthy parenting resource  helps prepare parents for many of the challenges they may face during this emotional rollercoaster phase of development.  Provides insights and tools that can help keep parents from feeling overwhelmed, guilty, anxious, and unnecessarily at odds with their daughters.

Covers topics related to the article I wrote earlier this year on the role parents can play in helping their teens and twenty somethings as they go off to college and career.