Recent Assignments

Our assignments are typically concerned with helping leaders create the kind of performance-based culture necessary for success. This includes individual, team and organizational assessment-based interventions. Often LED works on all three levels as part of a single project. The following are some examples of recent assignments:

Executive Coaching and Organizational Development

Financial management organization

LED has been supporting an executive who took responsibility for a department that was characterized by low productivity and morale.

  • An initial organizational survey and assessment was followed by working with the executive on a series of remedial actions responding to associates' feedback.
  • Results of a resurvey one year later demonstrated that people were much happier at their jobs, new management was well received, many positive changes had been implemented, and work processes were much improved.
  • A current challenge is to improve communication and create a sense of community within the management team since the organization now encompasses several discrete units in remote locations. A series of management offsites have been launched with the first meeting focused on articulating the group's shared mission and values.
  • A competency model has been developed for the organization to address performance management issues and employee development concerns raised by the surveys. The model has been successfully implemented and used for semi-annual and annual performance reviews.

Product manufacturing organization

LED has been supporting the newly appointed President and leadership team of a product manufacturing organization within a financial services company, through a combination of executive coaching, team building and OD.

  • LED provided executive coaching and support to a number of the President's direct reports, addressing both individual leadership challenges, organizational problems within their domains, and team challenges.
  • The OD component is focused primarily on restructuring the organization to support its newly defined role as an independent manufacturing company responsible for its own P&L. Working in conjunction with the President, we have defined the needs of the new organization, analyzed the current structure and functions, developed a proposed organization chart and job descriptions for senior positions, and are currently working on a recruiting plan.

Team Building

IT organization in a major pharmaceuticals company

LED has been working with the directors of Network Operations and Network Engineering Services to resolve teaming issues between the two departments.

  • Organizational survey conducted one year ago highlighted a number of causes for poor teamwork, including conflicting leadership styles of the two directors and frictions between them; confusion between the departments over roles and responsibilities; and lack of developed processes for sharing responsibilities.
  • LED worked with the directors jointly over the year to improve their individual communication styles and develop a team management approach; and to define roles and procedures in areas such as turnover, documentation, escalation, change control, and crisis management.
  • A recent resurvey indicated that the work environment had vastly improved for a majority of the staff. Processes had been implemented successfully. The organization had identified units composed of both Operations and Engineering that were "models of excellence" in teaming. Individuals who could not comply with the higher performance standards had largely left of their own accord.

Organizational Assessment, Executive Coaching, and Performance Management System Development

Risk Management organization

LED has been supporting the executive responsible for a new and evolving risk management and control function. Though assessment and coaching, the client has sharpened his competencies in leading and managing change, and addressing the resistances accompanying change.

LED was asked to facilitate a process for defining the department's vision, operating principles, and the competencies necessary for reaching the vision. The OD process also involves assessing the organization against that vision and developing the action steps necessary to bridge any gaps.


School to Work

New York University – Stern School of Business
School to work logo

Customized the School to Work workshop for the NYU-Stern Undergraduate School. All NYU-Stern students about to graduate and those entering internships will have the opportunity to take the workshop. Given the success of the program for NYU-Stern undergraduates, the workshop has been customized for students from the NYU-Stern School of Business Executive MBA and full-time MBA programs.

Personal Effectiveness Workshops

Litchfield County Superintendent’s Association

Facilitated a half-day workshop for the Litchfield County Superintendent’s Association that helped to increase the overall effectiveness of the Superintendents’ communication and relationship building skills as they interact with their staff, teachers, students, government agencies and others.

NYU Stern School of Business – Office of the Dean

Facilitated a two-hour teambuilding session for the Office of the Dean at the NYU Stern School of Business.   Through highly interactive and experiential exercises, participants were able to better understand their own style, establish a common language, and appreciate the styles of others.

Queens Hospital Center

Facilitated a half-day team-building workshop for 25 members of the Senior Operations Team at Queens Hospital Center.   100% of those attending recommended rolling out the workshop for all hospital employees.  “People loved it” - Roslyn Weinstein, Deputy Executive Director.

Suffolk County Bar Association

Delivered a presentation to the Suffolk County Bar Association focused on communicating with impact.  Participants learned to identify their own Social Styles and how to connect more effectively with those whose learning styles are different.  Patricia Condon, Partner, McGuire and Condon said it was “the best speaker we ever had.”



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